Through experience in the equine world Bowlby Equine recognise that different disciplines require different solutions. With the aid of the latest technology and materials, a surface can be designed to suit each of our customers specific requirement.

When creating these surfaces particular attention is paid to: hoof penetration shock absorbency lateral displacement reaction to atmospheric conditions Contact us today to discuss your requirements Link through to the contact us page.

Sand (Silica sand) – Grade 1

Sound footing Very stable Low maintenance Good drainage Suitable uses: Arenas and gallops. Coverage: 180 kgs/m2 The correct selection of sand is essential for perfect ride and drainage properties. It is in our experience where most surface performance failures originate together with poorly installed drainage and incorrect stone selection. We only supply the best. Anything else will come back to haunt you!

Premium 35 – Grade 1

Superb elasticity and ride response Retains surface moisture in the summer High frost resistance in the winter Non slip Suitable uses: Dressage, Showing, Show Jumping, Gallops and Leisure Coverage: 20 kgs/m2 Delivery method: Large bales on pallets.

SB Fibres – Grade 1

Stabilises and binds surface Reduces jarring Excellent hoof support and improved traction Odourless Visually attractive Delivery method: Large bales on pallets

Wood fibre – Grade 1

Low cost Tried and tested Environmentally friendly Natural product Ideal alternative to grass paddocks in wet weather. Suitable uses: Gallops, Arenas, Indoor and outdoor holding paddocks.

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