Horse bedding and wood shavings


bowBed® horse bedding is manufactured from oilseed rape straw using all the most advanced technologies available for the production of animal/horse bedding. In the production cycle the straw is milled, screened and dust extracted to stringent standards. During this process bowBed® horse bedding receives an advanced non-toxic, anti viral and anti bacterial treatment. This treatment also prevents unpleasant odours which can be associated with soiled bedding. The loose material is then triple pressed to form the uniform and manageable bowBed® horse bedding bales ready for palletising by the robotic stacker. The stacked pallets are stretch wrapped ready for transport and can be hooded for outside storage.

bowBed® horse bedding qualities:

  • manufactured using a unique production treatment which destroys bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores including aspergillus.

  • dust extracted to the highest standards.

  • readily biodegrades for reuse on agricultural land.

  • economical to use and great value for money.

  • ultra absorbent, meaning less waste bedding to remove.

  • comfortable and dry bedding for your animals.

  • light and easy to work with.

  • bales spread to over three times their volume when loose.

bowBed® horse bedding suitable for:

  • Equestrian

  • Horse

  • Poultry

  • Sheep

  • Pigs

  • Cattle

  • Pets

Delivery of baled and palletised full loads can be arranged to anywhere in the UK. Lorry mounted forklift unload facility available. Collection service available for full pallets or packs.

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Wood shavings – Traditional small/medium and large flake options

Traditional small/medium flake wood shavings manufactured in a state of the art mill from kiln dried timber.

Delivery can be arranged anywhere in the south of the UK. Lorry mounted forklift unload facility available.


  • High absorbency

  • Low dust content

  • Large spread volume

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