Arena & Maneges (Manège) school design & construction

Equipment and technology have radically changed the possibilities for creating and improving equine exercise areas. Using powerful excavation equipment, the best modern drainage materials and artificial surfaces the options are endless.

Once the requirements of clients and their horses are clear, a detailed site survey can be performed to produce a design plan to suit specific needs.

Once plans are approved our construction teams can take your ideas from a dream to reality. Through all stages of the build to the landscaped finished article.

Arena & Maneges (Manège) school surfaces

Through experience in the equine world Bowlby Equine recognise that different disciplines require different solutions. with the aid of the latest technology and materials, a surface can be designed to suit each of our customer’s specific requirement/s.

When creating Arena and Manege (Manège) surfaces particular attention is paid to:

  • Hoof penetration

  • Shock absorbency

  • Lateral displacement

  • Reaction to atmospheric conditions

bowPro® sand

The Uk’s No 1 sand for outstanding performance. High stability, good drainage and low maintenance. Tried, tested and proven.

bowPro® fibres

Stabilises and binds surface. Reduces jarring. Excellent hoof support and improved traction. Odourless. Visually attractive. Simply the best.

Wood fibre

Low cost, tried and tested environmentally friendly natural product. Ideal alternative to grass paddocks in wet weather. Suitable uses: Gallops, Arenas, Indoor and outdoor holding paddocks.


‘Resilience’ surface

‘Weatherwise’ rubber/fibre topping

The ideal all in one surface. Supple and springy. Incredibly tough and durable. Easy to install. Low maintenance. Great value.


Unbeatable performance in every season. Retains surface moisture in the summer. Unrivalled frost resistance in the winter. Superb elasticity and ride response. Combine this topping with bowPro sand for a winning combination.